What it is and does

A fun, fast-moving and interactive approach to the Bible for your Primary children


  Invaluable resource linking R.E, Literacy & ICT Primary
  Cross Curriculum lessons to enhance the learning process

  The resource uses Game Boards, Text Cards & a CD-ROM
  all of which can be used independently

  Appropriate for use across the Primary age range & easily
  adaptable for all ability levels (including S.E.N. Lower
  Key Stage 3 groups)

  Engages pupils in an interactive journey through the Bible.
  Suitable for all teaching styles & levels of experience

  A flexible approach helping schools to develop & enrich
  their curriculum. Limitless teaching ideas

  Choose your Teaching & Learning Focus: Literacy - R.E - ICT

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Springboard into discovering the POWER of WORDS

Make it your own: create it... adapt it... enjoy it!

Contents of Bible in Literacy Resource:
        15 Game Boards - 15 sets of Text Cards - Interactive CD-ROM
    LITE BAG Pack
        5 Game Boards - 5 sets of Text Cards - Interactive CD-ROM

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R.E, Literacy & ICT Links
Bible in Literacy Lessons provides pupils with an overview of the Bible, both Old & New Testaments. The chosen pieces of text from the storyline of the Bible will be utilised for various activities relating to literacy work. The lessons are designed as a fun tool for grammatical awareness, sentence construction and punctuation, using extracts from the ‘Lion First Bible’ as the literacy texts. The use of interactive CD-ROM provides the ICT links using Smart Note Book Software.

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R.E Link: Christian perspectives and beliefs.
The chosen text cards give an overview of the Biblical content reflecting on:

The lessons allow scope for discussion on the above subjects in a fun, fast moving, interactive way. The explicit teaching of the R.E content flows into implicit teaching through both the chosen text and the links on the CD-ROM.

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Ideas for the Teaching & Learning Process

In the piloting of this resource material, there is evidence of scope allowing the lessons to be led where the children are ready to go (and indeed the teachers!) Flexibility is the key, with limitless teaching ideas to share. Use your introduction and plenary to focus on matching the Text Cards to the Game Board. Lessons can be presented on the storyline content of the explicit and implicit R.E together with appropriate literacy & ICT focus with interactive whiteboard working on :

Printable game boards, enabling pupils to write their own key words, characters, titles or sentences on grids, are available from CD-ROM.

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