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Bible in Literacy Training events

1 Day Seminar: 'How to use the Bible in Schools'

10am – 3pm, any Tuesday or Thursday by arrangement
Crays Hill Primary School, Essex

The day will focus on how best to 'Serve our Schools with Bible in Literacy'. You will be equipped to serve your local school with the Bible in Literacy resource. Those attending this One Day Training seminar will be provided with their own Resource pack containing Game Boards, Text cards & CD together with many ideas for Teaching & Learning the Bible with a fun and interactive approach.

Cost: £65 per delegate. Refreshments & lunch are provided.

Please join us and enjoy a day of fun with the Bible!

For more information and to book your place, contact us for more details.

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Would you like training?

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From Head Teacher of Downham Primary School:

"Thank you Shirley for leading such an energetic and informative session with our teaching staff. Your ability to show the extended possibilities was really useful and affirmed my belief that Bible in Literacy will be well-used across the school.

"We recognise that the capacity of Bible in Literacy goes way beyond our original understanding of the resources and believe that we can use it to support our R.E curriculum in both Foundation/Key Stage 1 and in Key Stage 2. My colleagues were quick to note the cross-curricular abilities of the pack and appreciated your emphasis on using the resources confidently within Literacy focussed sessions.

"As a point of reflection, I felt that twilight training session worked very well for our school because we all received the teaching input. Keep up the good work!"

Comments from teachers:

"Very informative - very useful - lots of ideas and a complete ‘starter’ pack for us to move on with."

"Very clear introduction to the material for possible users."

"Love the overview of the Bible, it will be useful for staff - one of my targets is to help develop staff confidence in teaching RE."

"Very approachable presenters."

"Another way of engaging children in RE."

"Traditional Tales fits in with Literacy."

"Vox pox are a great starter for discussion."

"Very useful for reviving weak or tired teachers & Inspirational for those with higher level skills."

"Innovative idea to make RE visual & practical. It is important that Christian ideas underpin other ideas especially in C of E schools - this resource reminds you how to do this - thank you."

"Generated some useful ideas and reminded me how much Bible stories can be used."

"Well presented and friendly session."

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