Child and Bible

Gove's gift sparks Bible project at child's eye level

Remember those copies of the King James Bible given out to schools by the Education Secretary Michael Gove?

They are not all gathering dust—thanks to Bill meets Jim lessons!

The Bible in Literacy project provides a creative way for schools to use their copies of the King James Bible, courtesy of the Secretary of State for Education.

Bible in Literacy will feature in the Education Zone at CRE International, click here for more details.

"We agree with the minister that 'the Bible has a unique place in our nation's history and culture,'" explains Bible in Literacy's Shirley Gowland. "Our project offers a teaching tool which facilitates a greater understanding of the Bible from a child's eye view. The recent presentation leather bound Bible, as beautiful as it is,may not easily find its way from the shelf into the hands of teachers and pupils!"

"We are pleased to offer King James text cards alongside Lion First Bible text cards which compare the storyline of the Bible in less than 200 words! Our aim is for schools to be encouraged to use the recently gifted Bibles from the Government in a practical and fun way. Pupils in some of our UK primary schools have already enjoyed this fun and interactive experience."

And in case you're wondering: Bill meets Jim stands for 'Bible in Literacy Lessons meet King James'!

Click here to see what happens when Bill meets Jim!

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