Your church can serve your local school by giving a gift of a Bible in Literacy Lite Pack. We are offering a special gift 'deal':


(inc.VAT & delivery)

This new lighter package enables a more affordable gift for our schools. These Bible in Literacy Lite Bags contain 5 Game Boards, 5 packs of Text Cards, Interactive CD-ROM and Teachers' Notes. Children and Staff will enjoy having fun with the Bible using this gift.

There are 100 Bible in Literacy Lite packs immediately available for churches to rise to the challenge of supplying their schools with this invaluable tool as a gift this Christmas. Please reserve your pack now by contacting us stating your church/school details.

The Bible in Literacy product has the potential of reaching millions of children, within the educational framework, with a fun and interactive way of engaging with God’s word using cross curricular material. To date 150 schools across the UK have been supplied with the resource either directly from School orders or from Churches willing to support the RE works in their local schools.

As church, Bible in Literacy resource will not only equip us for Serving our Schools but will also enhance our childrens’ learning process within the church context.

To order your pack please contact us

For more details contact Shirley:

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